Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dec 2011 Picture Descriptions

Apparantly blogger hates me because every time I try to do something it doesn't work. I wasn't able to put captions with each here are the captions.

1. Braden and Prestond doing Taekwondo. Braden has been doing it since September and currently has an orange belt. Preston joins in whenever he feels like it.
2. Santa came to visit us at our house a week before Christmas. (Boy are some realtors nice these days.)
3. The kiddos with their new (and very large) Christmas pajamas.
4. Christmas morning right before going to church (which was almost pure torture for Preston).
5. Kari and her stocking goodies.
6. Braden and his stocking goodies.
7. And you guessed it, Preston and his stocking goodies.
8. This is a present I got from Kari. It's a pile of things she will do to be better. She got this idea because I wanted the kids to give each other a "service" gift.
9. This is the doll Kari got from Santa and a matching outfit to go with it. She thought it was an American Girl doll....but we all know how cheap Santa is at this house! Thank you K-Mart!

Dec 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chocolate Popcorn

A few weeks ago I wanted to make some chocolate popcorn for a movie night treat. As I was carefully making the chocolate sauce I ran into a stool in our kitchen (thanks to Preston pushing it into my direct path as I was hurrying across the kitchen!) Which then led to me forgetting about my sauce because my foot was numb, which led to my chocolate sauce burning, which led to me getting more upset because I just wasted an entire bag of chocolate chips, which led to Steve taking over and him making chocolate sauce, which led to me getting even more upset because his sauce looked WAY better than my sauce
The sad truth though, is that my sauce looked somewhat like that BEFORE I stubbed my toe. Good thing Steve can melt chocolate chips in a pan!


A few weeks ago I told the boys to clean up their room. Braden likes to divide the room and have each of them clean a side. Well a little while later Preston came down and said he was done (this has NEVER happened before). I went upstairs to check the room and Preston's side was all clean and Braden's side was a mess. Here is what the conversation sounded like between me and Preston.

Me: Did you really clean your side or did you just throw everything onto Braden's side?
Pog: I cleaned it!
Me: Really? Are you telling the truth?
Pog: Yes mom! (in an exasperated voice)
Me: Really? I may not know if you are telling the truth but Heavenly Father knows.
Pog: Mom, (very matter-of-factly) I lie to you all the time, but this time I'm really telling the truth!

Hmm, do I believe him or not??

Family Scriptures

The other morning as we were reading scriptures as a family we were reading in Mosiah 16:3. Steve started reading, "For they are carnal and devilish, and the devil has power over them... " After he finished reading the verse, Braden started laughing and said he thought Steven read, "For they were carmel and delicious."

Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I got a letter in the mail about Braden. It says "he has been identified as a high ability learner." Apparently he did very well on some testing done at school. He was very excited and we were all a bit surprised!